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Control 4 Smart Homes since 2002 Authorised Platinum Dealer since 2013. Orchestrated Automation. Surround Sound Experts, Security Experts. Buy High Fidelity Audio. Custom Built. Simple and Easy Access. Brands:  Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Sonos, Klipsch, Nad, Cambridge Audio, KEF, Monitor Audio, Bang & Olufsen, Dali, Jamo


Gone are the days a smart home was only for the uber-wealthy and tech-savvy. Smart homes are the new normal. Thanks to Control4, today, almost any device in your home that uses electricity can be operated at your command. You’re in control, whether by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone.

To have all the products in your home perfectly orchestrated really brings the magic of a smart home to life.

Regardless of the size, or age for that matter, of your home, Control4 delivers power and performance on one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete, brilliant interactions that fit your lifestyle, and are easy for the whole family to enjoy.

Imagine… with just one touch, you can stream high-resolution audio, turn up the thermostat on your heating system, lock the doors and arm your alarm. And, all of this from wherever you are – anywhere in the world – at any time.

Once you’ve experienced your smart home in action, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way. Does this sound beyond belief? Read on and discover how you too could be a smart homeowner – it’s easier than you think.


Are you often away from home? So what? Control 4 Mobile App offers 4Sight, which provides secure access control for your home when you are not there, from anywhere in the world. With 4Sight, you can lock your doors, adjust the thermostat, close the garage doors, monitor your security cameras and turn off the lights using your iOS or Android mobile device, as well as your Apple watch. Remote access couldn’t be easier!

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Smart Home, Home Automation, Simple Home, Audio & Video Distribution