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Vogels stands out from the competition by its unique and timeless design. It is no surprise that Vogel’s continues to win design awards all over the world and of course the beautiful design is combined with very sophisticated functionality. Quality and safety

It always starts with an idea…

What began as a personal quest for perfection has evolved into an international successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio/video & multimedia equipment. Our products combine versatile functionality and robust performance with sleek design. For almost 45 years, Vogel’s solutions have been based on the talent and commitment of people who care passionately about the products they create and the customers who use them.

What we stand for Feeling 100% Vogel’s

We create the best wall mounts and accessories, but we cannot take this for granted. Competitors and customers always expect us to exceed their expectations.

We believe that our customers and consumers deserve value for money. To maintain our position as market leader we need to embrace a corporate culture that revolves around improving, innovating and getting things done.

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