HDanywhere products allow you to maximise the potential from all your HD subscriptions, players and devices by making them accessible at every HDTV around the home – delivering the pixel-perfect high definition viewing experience with control, regardless of distance from the box.

Hide all those ugly boxes and watch all your HD video content (Netflix, Sky, Apple TV, Blurays) on every TV in your house.

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A year or so ago HDANYWHERE was spun-off as an independent business. Inside the company, it felt like a startup again. After a blue couple of years, it was time for a reboot. We refocused our efforts on delivering a new matrix range called MHUB that offered superior value in the residential marketplace and enabled installers to achieve universally-controlled whole-home AV with less hardware. MHUB needed to become more than a matrix, so we had to invent some new (patent-pending) smarts, as well as create an entire software/R&D Dept. There were months of deep and secretive work before we were ready to reveal what the reboot had created…
Time For A Keynote
In October 2016, I delivered a memorable keynote speech in Manchester called ‘X’ announcing ten new products. A redesigned matrix & extender lineup (MHUB and XTND), a new matrix operating system (MHUB-OS) and a cloud infrastructure platform (HDA Cloud) which would allow our customers, HDA Pro’s, the ability to remotely monitor and manage MHUB out in the field. Plus of course, a ‘one more thing…’ reveal, where we demoed our uControl app and IP-to-IR-Gen technology for the first time – this changed everything.
uControl App
The vast majority of HDMI matrix switchers have a total dependence upon third-party controllers to make them anywhere near useful in a home setup. We have never felt comfortable with this risky reliance on other brand’s boxes to make our hardware usable. So it was a big moment for us in March when uControl launched in the App Store, and we were finally able to provide an included controller for a whole-home AV system straight out of the MHUB box. In the nine months since launch, there have been over 5000 downloads, fulfilling our ‘one-brand-one-box’ ambition of offering more from a single piece of hardware.
Remote Supervision
I must commend our Software R&D team on the creation of our excellent remote access service. Another free feature that separates MHUBs from the dumb, dependent matrices – the HDA Cloud is a secure online portal for remote monitoring and management any network-connected MHUB around the world.
Around The World
Export sales rose sharply after signing with some great partners in Benelux, Germany, Italy, India, New Zealand and South Africa.
“Alexa, tell my TV…”
Voice-controlled TV is pretty cool. In our keynote, we intimated that voice control would be coming to MHUB and we delivered Alexa in May by way of a free online update. Using Alexa it’s possible to turn on and off your TVs, adjust the volume, play, pause what your watching and got to any channel you desire with a simple voice command. No remote control required.
MAX-ing out
We entered summer with the release of our first 18Gbps MHUB. Capable of delivering the maximum HDMI spec (HDMI 2.0 (a/b), UHD/4K 60, 4:4:4 with all HDR formats (10 & 12-bit), Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG). We aptly named it the MHUB MAX. The system was designed to satisfy the most demanding AV purists or super high-end project requirements, where the brief insisted upon enjoying content without compromise. The new system came packed with the same features; cloud management, app and voice control straight out of the box.
Can an app be as quick as a remote control? It’s a question I posed to our team months before we released the first significant update to uControl. Macros (what we call Sequences) were initially designed to improve our voice control experience enabling a string of commands to be executed one after another, e.g. the right source, on the right TV, on the right channel, at the right volume. Oh, and the ability to switch everything off with a single button press. Can you do that in our app: yes. Can you do that without even loading app at all: also, yes with something called home screen quick actions. You can judge for yourself by downloading uControl and running it in demo mode.

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