Imagine kicking back in the comfort of your own home and having a movie experience that rivals or surpasses a night out at the movies. Only the popcorn is better, admission is free and you have the best seat in the house every time. And you get to decide when the show begins.

iMation’s design team will work with you to determine the best solution for your home theater needs. Whether it’s a simple media room or a full blown THX surround sound custom home theater with stadium seating, we’ll plan every aspect of your home theater design with you from the planning stage right through to final installation.

We will create a unique media space for you that blends beautifully with your lifestyle and fits into your budget, providing years of enjoyment for your whole family while adding value to your home.

iMation installs customised home theatres which are designed and installed by our sophisticated audio engineers with expert knowledge on the latest electronic systems.

We can meet any budget for residential environments and believe that understanding your lifestyle and how technology can enhance it are key to a successful project.

Our team will provide clients with a personal  and professional service from the initial phase through to the design, installation, and programming of your electronic system. Let us exceed your expectations!


Dedicated Home Theater

Design a jaw-dropping home cinema that rivals any cineplex by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, best-in-class surround sound, an enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to complete the experience.
  • Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices—or browse through them all simultaneously.
  • Hide all of your equipment in a closet and control everything with a single, easy-to-use remote or elegant touch screen.
  • Enjoy smart lighting throughout the room that dims when you press “play” and ramps back up when you press “pause”.
  • Incorporate special lighting features, like pathway lights and starry-night ceilings.
  • Control your whole home from the theater, including adjusting the room temperature or seeing who is at the front door, without leaving your seat.

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