Enjoy beautiful multi-room video in 4K high-definition video in every room without the jumble of cables behind the TV, bulky components and a table full of remotes. With multi-room video, everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want in any room of the house. Share your entire movie library, watch DSTV and stream video and satellite channels throughout the home without the need for additional video sources in each room.

The simple, elegant design of Control4’s remotes to wall or tabletop touch screens, fits perfectly with any décor.All of your content is at your fingertips, from Blu-ray movies to satellite TV, all in stunning, 4K high-definition video and surround sound.

Watch video in multiple rooms from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices, or browse through them all simultaneously.With Control4, you can distribute as many sources (satellite/cable boxes, streaming media, media players or gaming devices) to as many video display locations with full 4K HD clarity, all in a centralized, out-of-sight location.

Our dedicated team offers custom design and installation of multi-room video solutions, expert advice, and exceptional customer service. We create custom multi-room video packages designed for your residential and commercial needs and install nationwide. Our experienced team assists our customers with new builds, renovations and with upgrading their current multi-room video infrastructure.

As everyone’s home is unique, our specialists are certified and highly trained to create solutions that not only work for every member of the household, but that also fit in seamlessly with your style, preferences and budget.
Most systems rely on a network connection it sometimes pays to have network cabling installed to the units and of course iMation can take care of all of this too…
With the addition of Control4, you can enjoy high-resolution, multi-room video with the leading home automation system in the world. You can play all of your favorite video services throughout the whole house—or just to one room—all with the touch of a button.
Control4 and your favorite streaming services work harmoniously together to bring you the best tunes at the best quality. NetFlix, DSTV, Showmax, etc are all run natively through the Control4 platform, which means endless entertainment, easily accessible.
Based in Ballito, our experienced, professional and friendly team is available to talk you through the minefield of multi-room video systems which vary greatly in their functionality and performance. We can plan a simple or complex, bespoke system to suit your needs.

4K Video Matrix Switches

Control4 matrix switches deliver world-class distribution of your source material to every room in your home. 4K Ultra HD products feature HDCP 2.2 compliance, making them compatible with current and future 4K content to let you enjoy copy-protected 4K content on every TV throughout the house.

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