Five Types of Speakers That Every Home Should Have

Five Types of Speakers That Every Home Should Have

Every individual has their ownaudio style that affects the way in which they engage with their chosenauditory experience. Some love blaring beats at a party, while others prefer tohear the action in full as they enjoy their movie. Your home entertainmentneeds will look very different from your neighbour’s, so doing your homeworkbefore making a purchase is essential.


At iMation, We help Guid you to get your


1.     Loudspeakers


This kind of speaker is by farthe most common, which is largely due to how long it has been around. We havecome a long way from grandad’s vintage set, however, as modern loudspeakerslook and perform better in every way. Now available in a variety of styles,such as paired floor-standing speakers or even ones compact enough to fit inyour pocket, loudspeakers still remain the industry standard for audiotechnology.


2.     Subwoofers


As an omnidirectional speaker,you can place your subwoofer anywhere in the room and still reap the benefitsof a fuller, more profound audio experience. Subwoofers are designed to produceextremely low frequencies like bass. Without these low frequencies, movies andmusic tend to sound rather one-dimensional.


3.     In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers


The primary purpose of in-walland in-ceiling speakers is to reduce clutter. From an architectural point ofview, preserving clean lines and negative space in a home is vital, so speakersthat are hidden from view are ideal. While hidden speakers are fantastic, bearin mind that with today’s aesthetic advancements in audio products, you canintegrate almost any kind of speaker into a room seamlessly.


4.     Outdoor Speakers


For those summer pool parties,relaxed braais, and casual gatherings, outdoor speakers are a must. Dedicatedto performance in all weather and temperatures, your sealed outdoor speakerwill ensure that come rain or shine, the party does not stop.


5.     Soundbars


For a truly versatile, does-it-allproduct, soundbars are top of their class. Soundbars offer immersive, dynamicsound in the condensed form of a slim bar placed in front of or below yourtelevision. The streamlined design of modern soundbars complements sleek andslim flat-panel TVs, while delivering audio that imitates a full surround-soundsystem.


Do you need a new homeentertainment system? We have ample experience in the industry and our highlytrained, friendly staff is always eager to connect you with retailers of theproducts you need. Whether you need bookshelf speakers or soundbars, you canrely on us to assist you with a product of great quality. For more informationon products and brands, feel free to download our online brochures or contactus. Upgrading your lifestyle couldn’t be any easier.


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